Thoeun the piano player. by Chelsea - written 09/10/2015 19:40:07

I shared several classes with Thoeun at Esher High School, I remember him as being incredibly bright, funny and kind. I just had a sad moment thinking about him and wished he was here for me to reach out and say hello and also thank you. We weren't close, we didn't spend time together as friends, we just shared lessons together, but, he still made me smile and he probably never realised. My favourite song from a young age has always been Bryan Adams "Everything I do" theme tune from the film Robin Hood and the Prince of Thieves. One day I randomly noticed Thoeun playing a few notes from the song on the piano in our music room, from that point on whenever I had the chance I would nag and nag him over and over again to play me a little of the song. He always played the grumpy card and refused to play it for me, yet I was persistent and he always always have in and played it for me. He and I had no idea at the time how much that little gesture meant because now every single time I hear that song played it instantly brings a smile to my face and warms my heart thinking of Thoeun. He really was a beautiful soul, I only wish I made more of an effort to have a real friendship with him whilst we were at school rather than just passing interactions in shared classes, because I feel I missed out on getting to know better, the kind funny young man he was.