RE: Munro Clan Origin by Anthony Andrew Keane - written 23/12/2017 08:17:14

Mostly retreated to Sligo and Mayo.

WW2, we had to go fight.

Welcome brother, thats interesting indeed.


Charles Munro wrote (12/01/2015 06:25:44):

I am a descendant of the Scottish Munro clan and we are connected to the O'Cathain clan by blood. According to historical resources, the Munro clan originated as a tribe of Picts from Scotland. They retreated (in approximately 375 AD) to Ireland to escape the Roman invaders. They settled on the River Roe and became known as O'Caan, O'Cathan, O'Cathain, etc. In about 1045, King Malcom II requested assistance in ejecting the Danes from Scotland. An O'Caan - Prince of Fermanaugh gathered his clan and returned to Scotland. For his efforts, his son Donald was granted lands and named them Foulis (after his home on Lake Foyle). His family became known and the Munro Clan (supposedly because it meant "Men from Roe" which is the river that flows into Lake Foyle in Northern Ireland). I find it fascinating that some of the clan are still in Northern Ireland.