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Christopher Keane wrote (08/10/2017 23:14:15):



Hello Mark. If you look at Griffiths Valuation and enter Kane and county Wexford you will find 26 Kane’s listed. If you enter Cane and Wexford you will find two. Both names are the same. There was no letter “K” in the old Gaelic language. There is a Daniel Cane listed and could be of interest to you. Traditional naming methods in Ireland in the old times was; the first son in the male line of the family was named after his father’s father. If you need any further advice E mail me at

Mark Kane wrote (22/02/2017 22:28:55):


My name is Mark Kane and I live in Virginia in the United States. The family legend is that my great-grandfather emigrated from Wexford about 1867. His name was Daniel Kane. His parents were Daniel and Mary Kane. Any ideas as to how I might confirm this lead, and gather more information on the Kane family in Wexford?



Mary Aston nee Kane wrote (08/01/2017 16:01:56):

Hi all, my family Hale from Wexford, they were known as Kane's of the Moor. Nearest town is Gorey. In and around Killena and Ballycanue.


My Dad grew up in Co.Mayo before moving to UK.

He had to change from O'Cathlain for job reasons.