RE: DNA Project by Rory Cain - written 30/11/2016 01:45:13

Indeed we have, Eamonn, although DNA testing shows that it has little to do with the battle of Kinsale, etc. The Ó Catháin sept of north Derry and north Antrim are producing positive results for the S588 marker downstream of the "Niall marker" M222. The Ó Catháin sept of Adhne (south Galway) are produsing positive results for the DF21 marker found in the oldest celtic burials on Rathlin and DNA tested. The Ó Catháin sept of the Shannon estuary, associated with the Coarbs of St Senan, are producing positive results for L513. As the process of anglicisation from Gaeilge to Bearla ("English") was random and the moden spelling variants of Cain, kane & Keane are interchangeable between those three main septs, a Y-DNA test now answers the question of which clan you beong to. The answer, as they say, is in your genes. 


Eamonn Keane wrote (23/10/2013 10:33:44):


I am wondering if there is a Kane DNA project. Experience of similar DNS projects of other Clans on for example have uncovered many intresting links and generated lots of conversations. In my case it would be very useful to be able to be establish factually the linkage with those families who were supposedly accross Munster after Kinsale and the Ulster Clan also the links between the Keanes of scattery island and the same.