1927 Jack Sharkey versus Mike McTigue by Monica - written 14/11/2013 03:02:20

Top ranked heavyweight contender Jack Sharkey fights the former light heavyweight champion Mike McTigue. origin of title “A Bloody Canvas” 

The mouthguard’s relevance was again brought to the center of attention in a 1927 boxing match between Jack Sharkey and Mike McTigue. McTigue was winning for most of the fight, but a chipped tooth cut his lip, and he was forced to forfeit the match. From that point on, mouthguards were ruled acceptable and soon became commonplace for all boxers.[1]  Knapik, J. J., Marshall, S. W., Lee, R. B., Darakjy, S. S., Jones, S. B., Mitchener, T. A., & Jones, B. H. (2007). Mouthguards in Sport Activities. Sports Medicine

"one fight away from heavy-weight contender…."