RE: Recipes by Henry - written 17/05/2011 17:36:00
I am not the best cook around and i choose a simple solution. Loads of salad things such as lettuce, celery, tomatoes, radish, cucumber and perhaps a yellow pepper to make a colour contrast - chop up and put into a bowl (work on a ceral bowl size per person). Some supermarket french salad dressing - let everyone put their own on. Pop a pitta bread in the toaster per person. Then use a nonstick frypan with no oil and cook any fish or meat  with ground blck pepper till it looks cooked, if it is not quite done put back on the heat - easy for things like lamb chops, salmon, strips of chicken breast, pork, burgers etc.

Joe Shepard wrote (16/05/2011 21:45:39):

I have just left home and I am living on my own, I keep running out of ideas for what to cook any suggestions to keep me from starving?