RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Caption Competition by Andrew Hall - written 28/02/2010 23:29:23
Prior commitment on ties night meant Angus could only improvise at the AGM

Jake wrote (27/02/2010 22:30:40):

As he struggled to adjust to the uni football team's training regime, Angus had no choice but to ask himself why he ever left the EUMFC.


Si - looks like you also had a surname spelling fail.




your son

Simon 'Si' McSheafrrey wrote (23/02/2010 22:23:48):

of course, by snail i meant snake. sn-fail?

Simon 'Si' McSheafrrey wrote (23/02/2010 22:23:12):

Distracted by the snake's head, Angus had not noticed the snail tail crawl up his leg and into his...

Snakebitethief(lol?) wrote (23/02/2010 15:19:23):

'Christ would you look at the head on THAT snakebite'

Mike Diver wrote (22/02/2010 15:56:07):

Week 1.


Simply think up of caption to accompany the attached photo of EUAFC's EUMFC superstar.!/photo.php?pid=399527&op=15&o=global&view=global&subj=504246585&id=504246585


Example: The beast tries on his new sash


Winner announced next Monday, accumalting a prize for Leeds and to submit a new picture for caption abuse.