RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: War by Snakebite Thief - written 09/09/2009 03:28:38
Paintballin has been postponed till further notice

Jake wrote (07/09/2009 17:42:55):

I'm out, can get it for a tenner in Jed eh.

The Panther wrote (07/09/2009 00:10:12):

I want in! This will be a great chance to show our team comLADery

Razznando Torres wrote (06/09/2009 20:40:28):

Lets fuck em rugby lads up. DEF count me in homeboys

Terminator wrote (06/09/2009 17:43:43):

It's in your nature to destroy yourselves.

Dan Pugh wrote (06/09/2009 14:55:37):

I'm so in, I love guns.


FivePastHall wrote (06/09/2009 13:20:56):

I'm game.

Shola for England.
Terminator wrote (04/09/2009 21:32:44):

Of course; I'm a terminator. I just need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.

Snakebite Thief wrote (04/09/2009 19:50:41):

Got this from the rugby boyz social sec, Shanksy... Guys, We've set the date of the painballing as Thursday 17th September. Got a student deal at a place in Edinburgh costing £15 (includes a full day (8 games) and all the kit minus paint)... I've sent a message out to all our boys so if you're still interested can you do the same. I would need to know a rough idea of numbers (not final cos of freshers obviously) as soon as possible i.e. by the end of the weekend if poss so i can get on and book it. Still haven't thought much about meal and skite afterwards... Cheers, Shanksy END OF MESSAGE... So who's game?