RE: RE: RE: RE: Sorley Green Cross by Kelvin - written 26/07/2011 12:07:08
John, I write as both Chief Observer for Plymouth Advanced Motorcyclists and one who recently had someone pull out on him at Sorley Cross (happily whilst in a Landrover rather than on a bike). I was coming from Kingsbridge and he was coming from the Aveton Gifford direction  with all the new Give Way signs which he ignored on the grounds that he 'was a stranger here'!
There is no doubt about the answer to your question, slower it better. The kinetic energy of a moving body increases by the square of the speed, as I was going slowly in the above case no-one was hurt. Also it is a scientific fact that response times increase as drivers get older, again as in the case above (I suspect he gave up driving after this). 
The graph you seem to be visualising is like the one about walking in driving rain, even if you walk at the same speed and direction as the rain you can never make the graph line  go through zero and stay dry.
To finally settle this in your own mind I recommend you take your advanced test with Plymouth Advanced MOTORISTS 
and you will be given ample time and explanation to get a full answer to your question.

Penny Bateman wrote (10/07/2011 11:58:28):

John, I believe death is not as bad as it is cracked up to be, although arriving at the Pearly Gates either flattened or in several pieces would be less than perfect.  So why don't you drive up through The Wrinklie's thus avoiding death and Sorley Cross entirely?

John Graham wrote (06/07/2010 13:18:12):

Thank you, but I think we're getting this a bit out of proportion. All I'm trying to do is to avoid a car crash with a risk of death - I wouldn't fly England flags just for that. I await a scientific response - perhaps from a statistician, an actuary or an expert in mathematical modelling. Incidentally, the screen with which one is presented if one wishes to reply to posts here is a little confusing. Could the techies have a look at it/ John Graham

M Hembrough wrote (04/07/2010 11:03:30):

Whilst professing no expertise on the subject I think low speed is best. That way anyone pulling out of the junction at least has the chance of seeing your approach and taking avoiding action and the consequences of a collision may be less severe. The trick I think is to be highly visible. I would recommend an orange or yellow car adorned with an England flag or two.

John Graham wrote (26/06/2010 09:47:47):

I am looking for expert opinion as to whether, when driving southwards or northwards over Sorley Green Cross, one should aim to do it at a high or a low speed. A car travelling fast obviously presents less of a target and so is less likely to be hit by east-west crossers. But a car travelling slowly, if its way is blocked by an east-west crosser, may be able to brake in time. Can anyone offer a scientific calculation showing which is the safer option? John Graham