RE: RE: William Norfolk of 0tley c1600 by William - written 15/08/2008 12:47:58

Hi Mary & The other Steve from Adel

I feel we need to explore the Royston possibility further, but I'm not sure how we can do that. What we maybe need, is some "Professional" help from the Yorkshire Archaelogical Society, maybe there were some records when a family moved from one place to another?

Steve Norfolk (from otley)


Mary Stowell nee Norfolk wrote (25/06/2007 09:03:26):

Hi there Steve.  I was reading an article in F.H. magazine where a  bloke had reached a certain ancestor but could not find any records to take him with any certainty any further back. As with the Norfolks he had found two unrelated sets of F.T.s, his own and some one elses, but could find nothing to prove that the two were linked at all.  He turned to DNA testing. He and someone from the "other" tree gave samples for testing and established that the two different lines, did in fact share and ancestor.  Yes I know it's not cheap and it doesn't tell you who the common ancestor was but it's something to consider.

Cheers,  Mary. 

Steve Norfolk (site administrator) wrote (26/03/2007 11:07:18):

Does anyone have any idea as to who William Norfolk's parents were or where they came from? Otley parish records don't appear to have the answer - what other records might give a clue?