RE: DO YOU KNOW THE ASHBY FAMILY? by Steve Norfolk - written 17/06/2008 18:43:39

Sorry Carmella - I don't think I can help you much with this one as my site is for and about people with the surname Norfolk, not simply people from the county of Norfolk. However, a quick search on shows me that someone on that site (called Stephen) has listed a Charles Ashby, born 1793 in Ashill, Norfolk. Looks as if that could very well be the information you're after.

Carmella Vest wrote (10/06/2008 21:21:00):

I am trying to locate    ANY    if the ASHBY family left from a CHARLES ASHBY who was born in 1794 in TERRINGTON ST CLEMENTS.His wife was MARY SUSSEMS,who was born in WATTON .They had 3 sons,CHARLES,GEORGE AND JOHN.They lived in Ashill,Charles died in 1871,two years before John came to the US with his wife Harriett.I have all of the dates if anyone is interested I will be glad to send.Please contact me.Thank you.