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Hi Alicia, (I sent this message directly to you as well. I'm not too savvy about how this blog works.

This is interesting because all my life I've been trying to find about my grandfather's family in the UK and this is the first time I see "de" Norfolk. My grandfather's name was Roger de Norfolk. I could never understand why the "de" and always thought that because he had migrated to South America he was using "de." Not knowing what the "de" meant, I actually dropped and began using only Ruby Norfolk

I am not sure if this site is still current, but I would love to contact someone who can give me some information. My great-grandfather was John James Howard de Norfolk, and I believe his dates are 1861-1905.

I hope we can communicate.

Many thanks!


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Hi Lynda, I notice that my counsin's wife has given you some info but will still keep looking  Shree


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Hi,  my husband is also related to Lord John Colman and Alicia de Norfolk. I might be able to offer a little more information that might help you're search. Gilbert de Norfolk, Lord of Beeston (1521) had five daughters. First unnamed daughter married Eudo, son of Adam de Multon. Second daughter, Maud, married William de Verdon. Third daughter, unnamed, married Roger de Felbrigg son of Richard de Felbrigg. Forth daughter, Emma, married William de Maynwaryn and the last unnamed daughter married Robert de Aguillon. Found all this info on the british history website, I am working on finding records to tie the 'de Norfolks' together so if I have any luck I'll put up a message. 

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Lynda Johnson wrote (11/11/2007 12:10:35):

I have traced my mothers ancestry back to medieval times, these are mainly the Colmans of Norfolk and Yorkshire. My ancestor Lord John Colman of 1169 married Alicia de Norfolk of Flitcham, Norfolk. I have been trying to trace any other members of her family, all I've been able to find are possble links to Gilbert de Nofolk of 1135, who was Lord of Beeston in Norfolk, he had an unamed daugther of 1172 and a son  named Gilbert of 1170, also born in Flitcham, was Alicia a family member? The unamed daughter married Roger de Felbrigge whose daughter Maude married Sir Simon de Bigod (Knight).

Hi Lynda
While searching for info on Alicia's parentage, I came across your query from 2007. I wondered if you had any more success than me ( which is nil!)

I too am descended from the Colmans.