RE: RE: RE: Thomas Norfolk of Deptford by Edward Robinson - written 12/09/2012 02:58:00
Dear Robert,
I'm a bit confused because for some reason the surname "Wasmuth" rings a bell but I haven't got a Maud Norfolk in the family tree but all the other information you give is in context and also the marriage in Fleet Street rings bells too and I, too, thought it odd since the family baptisms etc seemed to happen at St Pauls, Deptford or St Alfeges Greenwich.  Anyhow I will email you on your hotmail address.  Love to exchange information.  I have a copy of Thomas Norfolk's obituary which you will find interesting.

Robert Rush wrote (27/08/2012 01:04:31):

Dear Victoria,

Maybe I have to write my e-mail address here?? It is (see my previous). It was Maud Norfolk (daughter of the brewer) who married my family member Henry Christian Wasmuth (Manager of the Distillery on the same Deptford Bridge site). They seem to have had a sparkling three years together before she died. By chance I stumbled on a newspaper report that they had given a wedding gift to a member of the Royal family, so he/they must have had some position in Brockley society. Henry waited forty years to find a bride, then found himself a widow just over two years later, with two babies to bring up alone. I have often wondered why they married at St Brides Fleet Street which is nowhere near their homes. They are both buried in Nunhead, under a prominent obelisk. Maud and Henry's first born Harry was left some money in a Norfolk will. But this is not the time nor place to go into long detail. I would love to know what information you have about the family at that time. Maybe you have wedding photo which cannot be identified? Maud Norfolk's wedding to Henry Wasmuth was reported in the newspaper, right down to the musician who played the violin, so I am sure that a photo must have been taken. Nothing whatsoever has come down the Wasmuth line. Hope to hear from you. 
Robert Rush

Victoria Norfolk wrote (06/10/2011 11:52:07):

Dear Sarah,
How did you go with your search?  I don't know about money or royalty but I am related to Thomas and have been doing some research.  
Victoria Norfolk

Sarah Talbutt wrote (11/12/2008 09:35:55):

I am tracing the line of Thomas Norfolk of Deptford for a client of mine and notice you have information on him, but I'm afraid I can't seem to make the  associated "contact me" button for that page work. I do hope you don't mind my trying to reach you through the forum.
I have taken my client's family back to Thomas's marriage in Hadlow in 1799. but cannot find a baptism as yet though I am working on it. Your first mention of him in Bromley is as a post boy at an Inn. Could you possibly tell me what your source is for this information?
My client has a family story that this Norfolk line was connected to Royalty. I have not yet found any sign of this and their undoubted wealth seems to have come from their connection through marriage to the Lambert brewing family in Deptford, but I would like to find out more about Thomas's birth.
Many Thanks