RE: RE: Thomas Norfolk of Deptford by Edward Robinson - written 29/06/2012 23:32:03

I too am tracing the Thomas Norfolk of Deptford line.  My grandmother was married to a Harold Norfolk (but I cannot find his birth) who stated on the marriage certificate that his father was James Lambert Norfolk.  Harold Norfolk suddenly disappeared around 1914 and my mother recalls seeing him in a military uniform when she was a child.  I have not been able to trace his death although I have managed to go back a considerable way with the rest of the family.  I am finding it extremely frustrating that I cannot find any information on him!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Victoria Norfolk wrote (06/10/2011 11:52:07):

Dear Sarah,
How did you go with your search?  I don't know about money or royalty but I am related to Thomas and have been doing some research.  
Victoria Norfolk

Sarah Talbutt wrote (11/12/2008 09:35:55):

I am tracing the line of Thomas Norfolk of Deptford for a client of mine and notice you have information on him, but I'm afraid I can't seem to make the  associated "contact me" button for that page work. I do hope you don't mind my trying to reach you through the forum.
I have taken my client's family back to Thomas's marriage in Hadlow in 1799. but cannot find a baptism as yet though I am working on it. Your first mention of him in Bromley is as a post boy at an Inn. Could you possibly tell me what your source is for this information?
My client has a family story that this Norfolk line was connected to Royalty. I have not yet found any sign of this and their undoubted wealth seems to have come from their connection through marriage to the Lambert brewing family in Deptford, but I would like to find out more about Thomas's birth.
Many Thanks