RE: Need help! 67 cotton Trials bike by Rob - written 03/08/2017 15:46:05


paul Powell is your man, he,s a member on here and has manuals and spares etc.

Addison wrote (02/08/2017 07:07:12):



hey everyone!

So I have found myself in possession of a 67 Cotton trials bike. I rent a large property with a ton of old warehouses on it and clearing one out for my landlord found this bike literally under one of the rentals. It is somewhat dirty with a little rust on the frame but it is actually in excellent condition. I asked my landlord about it and he up and told me i could have it. This is my first bike to be honest and seeing as it's an old bike I'm a little lost with getting it up and running. Does anyone know of an owners manual for it? And with that would anyone mind if I bugged them with some questions?