RE: Cotton cavalier history by Matt - written 17/03/2017 18:11:16

Hi Rob, There is no archives left telling us where bikes went ect that i know of as i have 5 an would love to find out about them. As for your bike TM73081 it is number 308 made 71. Is the the tank an all in one tank seat unit or are the 2 differant pecies?

Regards Matt


Rob s wrote (05/03/2017 16:03:22):


Hi all, I am new poster to the forum as I have recently purchased a cotton cavalier to restore and hopefully use, can anyone tell me if archives exist as in where bikes where supplied to and who bought them ? As I would love to trace the bikes history and see if it was ridden competitively. The frame number is TM73081 I presume the TM stands for trials minerelli ? Is the 73 the year of manufacture ? And maybe 081 the production number? Any help would be appreciated. I have also sent an e.mail regards membership but as yet had no reply ? 

Many thanks....Rob.