RE: Cotton/Rotax 250 by Aussie Dave - written 12/02/2017 22:31:27

Hi ho Dave here, I just happen to have one of these bikes I think, 1981 256 rotax engine.  Did you find out much about the these lovely bikes.  Mine is road regested but I havent riden it for about 5 years.  If there is some where I can find out more about my bike, I would apreciate it.  I will need to check the frame numbers to see if that can help.  Thanks Dave






Lars-Peder Jonasson wrote (05/11/2009 12:28:51):

Is there anyone that have info about the frameno: on the 250cc/Rotax  racebikes.As known it was between 20 to 25 racebikes built and spread around the world.There were dealers in Germany as well as in Netherlands but I is not able to find inf to confirm if they sold any bikes.My bike has frame no 1003,,could it be no3 ? I dont think so anyway because theearly bikes has a "letter box" air intake in front of the fairing,my hasn´t

Hope to find the owners of the remaining bikes