RE: RE: RE: RE: Telstar exhaust by Neil Bishop - written 02/02/2017 20:40:07

Many thanks for your help Brian, and great to speak to you.

Hope to see you on the race track soon.


Brian Foster wrote (24/01/2017 20:15:28):


These companies may help you with exhaust.


Gibson exhaust, Romford. 01708372122, Predetor bike exhausts, Welwyn. g. c. 01707334050.



Performance Fabrications Surrey. 07831711079.  






Neil Bishop wrote (16/01/2017 21:26:35):


Hi Brian, I would prefer racing with can, but either would be fantastic as I have nothing at the moment.

I am planning to parade and race this year hopefully.

Kind regards Neil.


Brian Foster wrote (16/01/2017 16:38:28):


What type are you looking for; open ended or racing with can ?.





Neil Bishop wrote (03/01/2017 16:50:44):


I am looking for a Telstar Exhaust, anyone got a spare to sell to me please ?

Regards Neil 0759 3828270