RE: Cotton Dart by Tony - written 13/01/2017 20:14:38

Hello Philip, thank you for trying to get in touch with me.  I'm Tony owner of the Cotton Dart.

I was very interested to read your comments.  It would be nice to have a chat with you

My mobile number is 07508 657298

Best Regards   Tony


Philip Sidney wrote (21/11/2016 17:31:15):


?I was amazed to find the reference to this engine that was designed by my father. I would very much like to see it, and if anyone could put me in touch with the current owner,I would be most grateful. He was a prolific designer and if his name, Arthur Alexander Sidney is searched, it should come up with another venture which involved fitting his own design and build of a diesel engine into a Norton frame in the 1950s. Unfortunately this engine failed to make production due to lack of funds and I do not think there is a survivor. In the 60s, I rode a Lambretta scooter fitted with a direct injection fuel system he designed and which underwent evaluation by Norton Villiers and Ford. For his sins he also owned a 112ft 1942 Fairmile B motor launch with two 600hp Hall Scott petrol engines that has long outlived him and is berthed at Rye awaiting funds for restoration. Again search RML 526 if interested.