RE: Cotton/Triumph 500 by Chris Robinson - written 07/03/2016 17:12:08


Hi Ken.

I've never seen any of these bikes and always assumed them to be one off specials. But I did come across an advert in a 1999 Fluff Brown AJS catalogue for a purpose built rolling chassis to accept a 350 or 500 unit twin engine. By the spec it looked a useful bike.


Ken Henesy wrote (02/03/2016 19:18:45):



I'm just about to buy a Cotton Triumph 500 scrambler, it's a 1964. I can find out very little about this bike on my web searches, have only found 1 photo of what it looks like. Does anybody in the club know anything of them, how many made, how I identify it to ensure it is genuine, how many were made,. Lots of questions I know but there seems to be very little info out there. Are they as rare as hens teeth & what would be a reasonable amount to pay for a nice clean example?

Many thanks, Ken