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Robert, Welcome to joys of Cotton ownership :-).   If you get the chance, stop by one of the upcoming shows and find the Cotton Owners and Enthusiasts Club stand, where I'm sure you will find a sympathetic ear and perhaps a warm cuppa.  Be careful, maybe you will catch the "Cotton bug" too!


In the meantime:  Lots of good internet sites to identify JAP engine numbers.  This is one of many!!!


According to your JAP engine number, should probably be IOZ/22940,  IO = 350cc Overhead Valve, Z=1933.  At first glance, it appears to be a 33 engine in a 32 frame. Must be a good story behind that somewhere in the mist of time.


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Barry Devereux wrote (22/01/2016 11:17:40):

Sorry Barry, forgot to say it was a twin port JAP.

Apologies, Robert






Robert McCrum wrote (16/01/2016 14:20:26):


Hi! Just acquired a Cotton, Reg. No. TSK 199, Frame No. 8128, Engine No. 10Z22940. Could anyone tell me anything about this machine, please?

Hi Robert,  Frame 8xxx should be 1932 Model Year.  DVLA lookup for TSK199 shows a Cotton first registered 23 Mar 1932 and 348cc engine size.  What is the engine manufacturer?