RE: Cotton Cougar? Found in United States by CHRIS ROBINSON - written 20/03/2015 16:14:07



CAWilloughby wrote (16/03/2015 01:42:33):

I have aquired a Cotton motorcycle and believe it is a cougar after researching pictures. How do I tell for sure and is there a manual online for these? Parts? Please help, would like to restore it.


The following came from a book titled ‘Villiers Singles & Twins’


Cotton Cougar

Year        Frame No.        Engine No.

1962        CT3            284D-1231 (34A)

1963        CT89            086E-151 (36A)

1965        CT334            086E-1640 (36A)

1967        CA89 (Last)        086E-1557 (36A)


The 1967 engine number looks a bit odd. But by all accounts Cotton used anything that was lying around at the time, so that may account for it.

The 36A engines were fitted with Parkinson square barrel conversions. The book does list some more details but I suspect they apply to the home market and not bikes destined for the States.

Paul Powell the club archivist would know more.

Good luck with the rebuild. Its good to here of another Cotton being restored 


Chris Robinson.