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mick turner wrote (18/11/2012 08:56:38):

kevin wrote (14/11/2012 19:48:57):


Purchased a 1969 cotton starmaker with light kit, motor stuck, may be looking for piston soon.

Hi Kevin,
    There are some +20 & +30 Starmaker pistons on ebay at present with 5 days to go, about 1/2 price, failing that try the usual sources & ajs motorcycles.

    Out of interest what type of bike is it, roadster, off road, racer, any chance of a pic or two.

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  I guess I posted here, don't remember but I am Kevin and I did purchase a Cotton Starmaker with a lighting kit in a box, head lamp tail light and I think speedo. The bike is a trails bike with a muffle under the seat between the frame. It has a villirs 250CC engine and still have not torn it down to see why the engine won't turn. Next time I get it unburried and out in daylight I will take some pictures. The bike is a trials bike with blue plastic tank and aluminum fenders. I was told it is very rare collectable, hence why I bought it.