RE: Minarelli 175 rings by Daniel Welsby - written 05/08/2013 22:17:02



try Paul at

If he does not have any then you can also use the rings from the Lambretta TV175 series 1. Although these rings will be the correct diameter (you will obviously have to specify what you need) they are are a little too thick and will require grinding to the correct thisckness. This will need to be done on a surface grinder which most local engineering shops will have. If you decide to go that route let me know and I will mic up some rings for the required size. I have done this on my Minarelli engine but not sure if I kept the sizes so will have to measure an old set again. Of course if you have a set of old rings just get the local shop to do it for you. dwelsby at



Larry Haney wrote (25/07/2013 12:56:37):



I have a Cotton trials bike with the Minarelli 175cc motor. I need a set of rings. Would anyone know where to purchase the rings?


Thanx Much!

Larry Haney