RE: Cotton Javelin by TooFastTim - written 19/07/2013 00:58:35

Somewhat late. Chris, the Javelin was a model introduced in the late '70's when (I think) DMW produced the Villiers motor under license. Cotton caught a whiff of their success in trials in the late 60's (with Rob Edwards) and tried to recreate that success. Alas! Things had moved along and, once again, Cotton were sucking the hind tit. They were'nt in production for very long.


Chris Kirby wrote (25/08/2011 15:16:25):


What have I just done??? Bought a Cotton Javelin , thats what.  Unseen, and on a card.  Dont feel well at all!!!

Photos are on the website of The Twinshock Shop.

Can anyone tell me anything about these particular bikes please?