Any ex Cotton workers/works riders able to help? by Martin Lovell - written 29/12/2012 22:53:33
Hi folks, last year I became the owner of one of the 2 Norton Villiers Metisse experimental scramblers, built and raced for the 1st half of 1967. Research has shown it was Andy Roberton's bike and I would like to know what happened to it after NV replaced it with a frame of their own design later that year. All I have been able to discover is that a previous owner rode with Fluff Brown (he moved from Cotton to the NV works team) and that it was resprayed a pale yellow and a 'Cotton Cossack' transfer applied to the tank. If anyone has any information on the bikes history/owners/whereabouts from late 1967 - Feb 2012 I would be most grateful to know. I know its not a Cotton, but it seems to have some ties to the company somewhere along the line.