RE: 1965 Cotton trials bike by Chris Turner - written 20/08/2012 14:59:41

If it is just corroded, and not rusted right through, you can probably salvage it.  Villiers Services, Paul and Steve I think, do a tank sealer for a very modest price which is said to seal minor leaks.  I have used it on two tanks and both have healed up nicely.  Obviously no good for large holes but fine for small ones.  Why not give them a ring and ask?  They can be found at 
Tony Barratt wrote (17/08/2012 21:25:02):

Hi I wonder if anybody can help, I have recently bought a 1965 Cotton Trials Bike withe villiers 32A motor which has been stood for 25 years, I am in the process of restoring it to compete on but the steel petrol tank has a considerable amount of corrosion on the inside, is it possible to purchase a tank either steel or fibreglass or any advice would be appreciated Tel Tony 07990551072 or e mail