Cotton Trials - Can You Help by Ken Cottrell - written 22/06/2012 15:31:42
Two short years ago, I inherited from my late brother a Cotton Trials Bike which my sons and I would love to bring back to life and start using.
Through the venerable 'pages' of the Club website, I would appreciate any help in finding out more about the bike;
Frame No. is TV6449. 
Engine/box is Minarelli - 175ccs (I think) - No 5185 and stamped CR (close ratio maybe?)
I have vague recollections of my brother saying he believed it had been road registered although I have no clues on a Reg No, V5 etc - Is it possible to check this and, if not, would the DVLA issue a period Reg No.
We have a 'workshop manual' (copy) which is entitled '175cc Bogwheeler' and appears to be of US origin as it refers to tires and gasolene - any ideas on obtaining an original Cotton manual (or copy) and special tools eg flywheel extractor etc. I will, of course, check out the dealers mentioned in the Club mag.
Thanks in anticipation,
Ken Cottrell
PS I can email photographs if it helps