RE: Can anyone help identify my frame by Alan Clark - written 11/05/2012 17:35:46

Les Binnell wrote (20/10/2011 03:52:22):

 Hi, I just bought a very rusted Cotton rolling  frame from the 30s, (I think). It is missing engine, gearbox, and gas tank. I would very much like to correspond with someone who might be able to help what model and year it is, so that I can start looking for the missing parts. I believe it is the a triangular frame. I can supply pictures. Please contact

Hi Les, just belatedly picked up your post. If you have not already identified your frame and would like to email me  a photograph at  I will do my best to provide what help I can. If you are looking for the frame number it is usually found on one of the lower frame tube front lugs. If you can't find a number don't worry about it, lots of frames don't have any. 

Regards Alan