RE: RE: 1925 Cotton Blackburn by Flint - written 05/04/2012 09:53:55

Bob Smith wrote (30/03/2012 22:38:40):

Flint wrote (29/03/2012 10:41:33):

Hello all,

My father used to have a Blackburn for 1925 which he sold in the 60's. I'm interested in bying one back. Does anyone have any idea about prices, where to start looking etc.


Hi Flint,

All pre war Cottons are now rather rare and do not come on the market too often. pre 1928 'flat tank' Cottons are a bit rarer still; depending on the condition and history/ provenance of the bike you are looking at £7000 to £15,000+

Verralls the dealers have a 350cc Blackburn engined 1925 Cotton at an asking price of £14,500.Their web site is

We will run a wanted add in our club magazine for you (free) which we print every 3 months. The next edition goes to the printers on Monday 2 April but if you e mail your details and requirments to me I will try and fit you in this edition. Its worth doing that as many of our members are non computer users. Get in touch with me on my e mail or call me on my mobile 07785 775466.

Bob Smith

Hi Bob,

Thanks for you answer. I didn't check the site on time to provide you an add on time. I will sent one in for the next edition.

Regards Flint