RE: RE: RE: RE: Telstar - Coming Home! by Stephen Edwards - written 10/04/2011 13:55:05
Hi there Graham
I own two telstars, frame numbers 40 and 36 and both have been purchased here in Australia. I would be quite interested to find out where your bike came from, so far I have managed to almost accidently acquire 5 cottons and all of them have been located in New South Wales.

Cheers Steve

Graham Inchley wrote (16/08/2010 10:10:07):

Many thanks Mike, it was a fantastic way for this great little bike to come home - just in the nick of time.  To win Best Bike at Show was the icing on the cake.  We are presently looking into the history of the machine which I'm sure will be very interesting.  Just looking at it in the garage I can see history written all over it, especially the swingarm which indicates a sizable "off"!  No real problems though so far.  It's going to be cold a winter in the garage for sure, can't wait :o)

michael onions wrote (14/08/2010 22:51:49):

Graham Inchley wrote (29/07/2010 11:56:39):

Graham Inchley wrote (28/07/2010 14:22:43):

Just to let you all know that Telstar Frame number 34 is coming home from Australia and may be back in time for the 2010 AGM!!!!

Crate is booked to fly this Friday (29/07/10) :o)

it was good to see your bike arrive at the show, brought out of the crate, front wheel fitted and put on display