RE: RE: Chronicle of the Cotton by Tony Border - written 21/06/2010 14:24:02
Thanks Barry. In fact I have a photocopy...but would like an original!

Barry Devereux wrote (26/05/2010 12:18:56):


I believe there were 101 signed copies published at the time (1986/7?).  I wrote to Eddie Collin in 1991 and tried to get a copy but it had been sold out by then. I did manage to photocopy a book (which I was loaned for the purpose back in 1992).  An original was sold at the Cheffins Cambridge sale a few weeks back, but it was in a box of 9 books, and couldn't justify bidding over £110 for the box just to get the one book I wanted!  

I can bring my photocopy to the annual rally if you can't find an original.


Tony Border wrote (18/05/2010 12:51:57):

Anyone have for sale a copy of Eddie Collin's book, or know who I can contact to get one? 

Since this book has been out of print since published, I think in the mid '80's, would the club be interested see if there are enough subscribers in the club (and/or interest from retailers) to make a second edition feasible?