RE: Frame Dimensions by Peter Mandell - written 25/10/2009 11:42:46
Dear Mat,

Do you have the information that you require yet? Is your frame all straight sections or with the lower rear members cranked?

I have a frame of each that can be measured or used as a guide.


Mat Wilson wrote (19/08/2009 09:03:43):

Hello all. A few months ago I acquired a 1930 Cotton, well, parts of. It’s a large engined bike, with the lower duplex tubes running parallel from the rear forks to the head stock.


My problem is that, in the bikes past, mods have been carried out, not very ‘nicely’. So I’m returning the frame back to stock.


I would like to know the distance between the parallel bars (centre - centre).


I would be grateful if someone could measure there own bike and let me know


Thanks in advance