Sensational debut novel! by Sue Leon - written 24/11/2010 22:37:46
All for Grace is a truly sensational debut novel.  Right from the start I was hooked and couldn't wait to see what came next - and what did come next was unpredictable and the twists unexpected.  The separate storylines and shifts in time are skilfully executed and this makes it easy to follow the seemingly disparate parts which are cleverly brought together as the story unfolds.  The characterisations are excellent and the dialogue very believable so that you feel you know and understand the characters.  There are a number of important lessons and messages throughout the book that can help us to live more satisfying lives and, for those of a spiritual disposition, it provokes thoughts in a light-hearted way about the wider picture and what might come next.

There is a depth to this novel that warrants a second reading with less urgent page-turning so that the prose can be appreciated and the messages more thoroughly absorbed.  This is truly a novel to be enjoyed on many different levels and I look forward with eager anticipation to Mairead's next book.