The perfect read for everyone! by Lorraine Walsh - written 13/11/2010 18:05:56
Once I started reading “All for Grace” I literally couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. Its simple use of language delivers a unique love story with twists that had me intrigued right from chapter one. It provoked spiritual and personal questions but not in a traditional ‘deep thinking’ kind of way; as the story itself is fun and light hearted. I grew very fond of the characters, ‘Gerry’ in particular and he had me in fits of giggles with his habitual ways and personal charisma that was so amazingly portrayed.
Not giving away the storyline, I can honestly say “All for Grace” is a book that will awaken one’s soul, no matter what walk of life you find yourself in at the moment, this magical book will leave you feeling enlightened and empowered in your own life. It is a book with such a profound message it has to be shared!
I wish Mairéad all the luck in this world as an author and congratulate her in delivering a truly entertaining and heart touching read.