Television Documentary would like to hear from you by The Garden Productions - written 28/05/2012 12:56:19

Hello, I am working for a major
UK broadcaster on a groundbreaking new series and I would love to hear from
anyone looking for help and advice on solving a dilemma, in any aspect of their
lives, as part of my research.

Examples might include:


Are you struggling to discipline your teen?


Are you having a dispute with your neighbour?


Is your business failing?


Are the relationships in your family strained?


Are you considering marriage or divorce?


Do you think it’s time for your older kids to move out?


Are you happy with your living arrangements?


Are you experiencing financial problems?


Are you thinking about starting a family through IVF, adoption
or any other fertillity method?


ANY other major issues in your life...


We are making a ground breaking new
series that will attempt to help people come up with solutions...


If you are interested in finding out
more or putting someone forward please email:
or call: 02034659073

Many thanks!