Idea For Inventors by Dr Brian Wybrow - written 17/09/2010 19:33:25
I found your website quite accidentally, and being a professional Inventor, and Innovation Manager, I could not agree more with the view expressed by Ian, who suggested that, in the same way that the UK Film Industry has had support from Government, we Inventors in the UK also need the same support.

We all know that the UK has led the world in Innovation, especially during the Second World War.  We seem as a Country, to need to do something in order to get going.

For all too long the UK has been driven by finance, and we need to nurture our creative skills in order to get back "at front" in the World.

I therefore wholly support the view of Ian, who, indirectly, made the comments about how British Inventors can help the UK economy, and therefore help to get people employed, therefore getting the Country back onto its feet again.

I have some Inventions in the pipeline, and I can help Inventors by providing a Patenting Service at very competitive rates.

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Best wishes to all,

Dr Brian Wybrow