question by Coco - written 27/10/2010 22:00:45
Hi I am Coco Luca a student from Holland we had a trip to London last week. We also went to Brighton's pier for a day and I discovered a little gallery from you. There was this beautiful painting with two dancers in the picture and you could see their faces were full of so much fun. It was a colored painting. I saw that on your site are only black and white paintings. And I've tried to find a photo of the painting with the dancers. I would really like a picture of the painting for my art class at school. We have to do an assignment about our favorite art in Tate Modern, where we went to the next day. But I was there in Tate modern and I couldn't really see what I thought was art. I think in Tate Modern they have really weird paintings, a little bit too abstract if you'd ask me. So it is not my taste and I haven't really found something. I would really like to tell my teacher I have found something I do like. And then show him the picture of the painting with the da
ncers and ask him or I could do my art project about that painting and about the person who has made it. I hope you can help me out, if not thanks anyway.