RE: fathers4justice by merv - written 24/08/2009 02:29:37
Hello Thomas, I'm really sorry that you have not seen your daughter for so long and sorry for your daughter that she has not seen you for so long,maybe it's a power thing i don't know but they seem to get great pleasure in using the child just to get back at the father and in my eyes that's child abuse.they say that in most cases the child grows up to resent the mother and even request to live with the father but what decent dad would relish their child feeling resentment? even if it did mean he would get to see her. Thank you for buying my song, im happy it has given you faith in seeing her again

thomas wrote (20/08/2009 12:22:22):

Hello,I have a daughter named emily too who's 8 and i have not seen her for 4 years.Why do certain women do such things to their own children for no reason??.i heard your beautiful song for emily which i have downloaded and will keep to give it to her when i see her again.

thnks thomas