REQUEST OF SHOOTING FOR JAPANESE TV by PAOLA BRUNO - written 02/05/2013 15:42:34

Hallo sirs, 

I am contacting you from Rome.

we are a company which works for Japanese tv and we have to arrange a shooting in England and the Isle of Man at the end of May. The program is calles "Let's Challenge the world : Miss Imoto Ayako in the Isle of Man". she is a quite crazy reporter who travles all over the world to find out the most interesting artists and the most amusing activities and events. She is very young and accostumed to do any kind of sport.

the production would like to know if we come at the end of may (23rd - 29th), if you are paricipating to the TT Race and if we can film the race and you involved in the race.

if yes, the actress sould like to prepare something that she can do together with you.

please have a look at this video to understand which kind of person Imoto is :

if we can arrange something with you can you please write to me so that we can speak also at the phone and arrange the shooting? 

Thanks and regards 

Paola Bruno 

M&M Mediaservices srl 

Via Palestro, 14 

00185 Roma 

tel 0039-06-44340673