the taxi driver from hell by john forbes - written 07/09/2009 01:29:58

hows it going boys after the jouney from hell the copthorthe aberdeeen  to alford in my big blue vw taxi and back to the airport .

hope als( shit is he really old bill or his he a copper in disguise)  head is ok after his bit of a bump   happy hangover boys and all the best have a good time and a bit of a laugh i know i had and remember the  irn bru is the hang over cure all the best for your performance in portugal and do not forget  the now pissed taxi driver from aberdeen remember me big john you are a very funny bunch of guys i will remember for a long time remember and live life to a full

all the best

john the taxi

iam sure linda and steve your other drivers will also remember you also

a fine bunch of fun loving guys

all the best


the airport drivers