RE: Contact details by Mrs Lewington - written 14/03/2009 12:54:07

Craig wrote (02/02/2009 15:12:10):

Guys if you would like to make contact with anyone please email me on the contact form and I shall forward you message and contact details on to who ever that way your email and contact details remain secure.

Hi Craig
I am Ted's wife Shanti. Sadly my husband Ted passed away 3rd of Feb 09. I brought back to England his Ashes. I am thinking would be better a half of his ashes I would like to give Red Devil Team so when they sky dive next time they can spray his ashes in the sky which he used to do and his soul and spirit will be happy. What do you think Craige? Please give me any advice that would be grateful. Please e-mail me. My e-mail address is: Tel No: 01256883597

Thank you
Mrs Lewington