Death WO2 Ted LEWINGTON by Graeme Lewington - written 03/02/2009 14:56:14


I regret to inform members of the Red Devils Team that my uncle Ted Lewington aged 71 years died very unexpectedly today Tuesday 02/02/2009 in Singleton Perth Western Australia. Ted died quitley whilst sunning himself in the back yard  and was just simply enjoying the moment.

I believe Ted joined the Parachute Regiment during the 1960's had approx 3453 jumps and left the Regiment in 1981.

I would be honoured to read something on behalf of the Red Devils at his funeral which I have to start planning in the morning. Ted did bring with him his service medals with him along with his Great - Great Grandfathers medals from the Great War. I am unsure as to why he brought out his medals to Australia whilst on holiday. He was planning to immigtate here with his Nepalase wife Shanti of 18 months.

I have immersed myself in the Red Devils sight and will definately impart the story  submitted by Nish Bruce at the Newcastle show.

The only thing that we do not have is  a Red Devils beret that should be laid to rest with him or be placed on his casket as a mark of respect to him.  I am hoping that one could be obtained please.I will have a piper from the Australian ADF play somthing in honour of  his military service.

Ted's  UK address is 3 Premier Court Mill Lane Shefield, Lodon, Hampshire. His wife Shanti is leaving for Australia on Wednesday 4/02/09 at 2240 hours. Shanti can be contacted on Tel: 790 985 7874.

Or alternatively contact family friend Ruth  and Richard Chenery as per her details below.

 Richard on +44 1256 881451 (home) or my cell phone is 7785 278212.




Graeme Lewington


Tel:  0011 618 93164397




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