Castle Stalker Painting Viewpoint by Ron & Beryl Jones - written 13/02/2018 16:53:14

Over the past twenty five years we have had amazing times travelling at least once a year, some years more, from Shrewsbury to the West Highlands on holiday; we feel we know the Coast, the Lochs, the Glens as much as our own locality. Therein is our conundrum, which we hope you may help us with. Fingers crossed.

Many years ago as part of our love for the West Highlands we began to buy a few watercolours which would remind us of places we had been, particularly Appin & Argyll; they’re generally 100 year old paintings and capture some of the magic of the past. One of our favourites……Castle Stalker from Appin hills, painted at the turn of the 20th Century (the Castle was then in disrepair) by Emil A Krause c1871 – c1945. He painted a few Scottish Castles on his travels late 19th early 20th Century.


So, to find the viewpoint where the Highlander stands, a few years ago we stayed in Linnhe Holiday Cottages and went on a mission to try and find from where it was painted but had no luck. We did actually trek up the footpath around your farmyard and up the path you walked in the first episode; we also walked into the woods on the hill above the road opposite the Castle…..both to no avail. On Google-Satellite map there are two “rocky knolls” on the hill left of the farm, could that be it? Or maybe it's an old track up the hill and over the top.

If you think you may be able to identify the viewpoint, it would be great to stand there; maybe next time we’re up around Appin we could attempt it. If you email us we can send a photo of the painting and if helpful to the Society you could turn it into a postcard to raise funds....

Sincere Best Wishes……………Ron & Beryl Jones, Shrewsbury 01743 361952