RE: Appin area churches by robert watt - written 12/04/2017 19:36:44


hello christine,  the largest congregations in the appin area would have been episcopalian, followed by the church of scotland, then later by the free church, i have no knowledge of an rc church in appin,  ballachulish being the nearest,  portnacroish church in appin, and st marys fasnacloich, are the only two episcopalian in the area,apart from ballachulish,        there is a church of scotland in appin, and there was one in fasnacloich, now a house, as is the free church in appin,   the church records for the church of scotland,  or oprs, (old parish regristers)can be accessed via scotlands people web site, or visit the national records office in edinburgh,   st marys and portnacroish episcopal records are available, if you contact the diocese via their office in oban, they should be able to help you,   bob

Christine C wrote (23/03/2017 14:23:22):


Hello - I am trying to locate where churches/parishes would have generally been in the Appin area in the early 1800's.  I have located my McIntyre family living in Appin and assume they would have born there; therefore baptised in a local church.  But not knowing where the nearest church would be has hampered how I can sort out their birth records in Scotland Archives.   I would appreciate any assistance.  Thank you very much.  

--Christine  (US)