RE: Jacobites from Ardchattan who joined the Appin men by Hilton - written 26/02/2016 15:06:32

During 1746, two lists were compiled with the names of the men from Appin, and nearby districts, who had some part in the 1745-46 uprising. Appin’s list dated at Appin, 3 May 1746 was put together by Dougal Stewart, chief of Appin for Major General John Campbell and submitted to Lord Justice-Clerk, Andrew Fletcher, Lord Milton. It is a list of males of arms-bearing age in Appin and Glencoe showing which of them had remained ‘at home’ in 1745-46 and which had been ‘out’ or ‘abroad’ with the Prince. The list has 294 names, 132 ‘at home’ and 162 ‘abroad’ (Stewart and Stewart 1998) and was used by the chief to defend him against charges of complicity in the uprising. The Stonefield list published by Stewart and Stewart (1993) was compiled at Castle Stalker on 6th July 1746 and lists 96 men within the parish of Lismore and Appin who have not delivered their arms.


Ardchattan wrote (10/02/2016 15:26:40):


Does anyone have a list or record that might show which of the Appin Men who went to Cullloden (or who were involved in any other Jacobite activity) were from Ardchattan? There were men recruited & would like to learn who.