RE: RE: 'Medderloch' by John Nelson - written 12/02/2016 17:43:55

Hi 'Ardchattan' Thank you for responding - I may have met you when we rode through Appin on  Clydesdale horses in 2011 following in the footsteps of my forebear.                                              Appin Hist. Soc. generously brought lunch to our team at the head of L Creran.

 I had already discovered the Medderloch/Maederloch/Benderloch info. My search revolves round 'The Last Man Hanged for Horse-stealing in Scotland' I am in the final stages of a book on the above subject. My ancestor followed the trail of a broken shoe for seven days from Ayrshire to Appin and apprehended the a secluded glen. I hoped that someone might know which glen was a traditional tinkers camp in 'Medderloch District' in the 18th/19th centuries.

When I get the book published I will bring a copy up for the Society as a thank you for your kindness. Yours aye John Nelson



Ardchattan wrote (10/02/2016 15:07:15

Medderloch is Meaderloch - old gaelic name for the area of Benderloch, which did not become the village until the 1900's with the railway..  .. and there are plenty of secluded glens throughout the area, chance are in Barcaldine woods area maybe ?? . It would be great to hear more of the regular places for travellers in the area ? - maybe Jess Smith could help ?

John Nelson wrote (07/02/2016 17:15:09):


Does anyone know which glen in Appin or 'Medderloch' fits the description 'a secluded glen in the district of Medderloch' It was by all accounts a regular camp for tinker travellers in the 18th century.