McLaurins of GlenCreran - place name help please by Ardchattan - written 10/02/2016 15:16:16

can anyone who can help with the place names in this list .. having asked on Lismore it is suggested they are mainland ..and therefore probably Glen Creran area ?? (my notes in italics) 

John McClaurin

b. _____ d. Nov. 1687 (AaT1694)

Carvlickaig, Balleodan Parish  (?Balevodan = Ardchattan)  one suggestion for this is  "Coire Bliochdaig " , in the hills above Taraphocain  - is there evidence of habitation up here 

Owed John Cameron of Auchnaba  (is this Ardchattan's Achaba ?)

 John McLaurin

b. _____ d. May 1685 (??T1686)

Auchinagone, Kilmuluag P. in Appin  (Kilmoluag area) 

Dugald Stewart of Auchablair/Cautioner  (??)

Donald McLaurin (T1686)

b. ________ d. Nov.. 1684

Carivlekag, Balliboydan Parish  (Balevodan - Ardchattan probably) 

Hew McLaurin in Drumurch Cautioner  (??Drumavuic ??)

Ardchattan Nov. 12 1686