RE: Glen Creran Estate's by Scott J McColl - written 21/05/2015 17:30:14

Sally, Hello, my name is Scott McColl. My family would have lived and farmed in the Glasdrum / Glen Creran area. I am just wondering if you have any informationregarding the McColls. Thank you. You can email me :



Sally Eaton wrote (30/07/2014 16:55:30):



I am a PhD student from Glasgow university trying to understand woodland management in the area of Glen Creran.  I'm not a historian at all but an ecologist so i'm unsure where to start with my problem of identifying historic land ownership.  


I've got records of timbers sold to the Bonawe Furnace Company from various estates (e.g. Fasnacloich) but i'm unsure of the extent of these estates in the mid 1700's to mid 1800's when these contracts were drawn up, and therefore exactly where the wood could have been extracted from.  


I wonder if anybody within the society might have information on the land ownership/estate history of Glen Creran?  Any maps, or the locations of maps would be fantastic.  


In fact i'd be fascinated to hear anything at all about the history of the Glen!


Many thanks,




(Sally Eaton, PhD student, University of Glasgow)