RE: Tyson's, Airds Lodge by Louise Meikle - written 28/04/2015 19:37:42

Hi Fiona,

I was interested in your message on the forum as I am descended from James Tyson who was marrried to Jessie Mckechnie (Janet). They are my gt gt grandparents.

In answer to your question about the reason James Tyson moved from Netherwasdale in Cumbria to Scotland was because there was alot of work for stonemasons in Oban at this time. They lived in Oban before they were in Appin.I have this detail from the census.

I am descended from their daughter Isabella Mclean Tyson, who I presume was the sister to your William.

I live in Edinburgh but have just returned from an ancestral tour of Oban and Appin.I saw where Jessie's parents Archibald Mckechnie and Isabella Mclean lived at Ardtur Croft.I also saw Aird's Lodge and took some photos.I found Archibald and Isabella's headstone in the Appin burial ground from 1879.

I am not sure if you know but James Tyson's parents are John Tyson and Dinah Miller from Netherwasdale in Cumbria.Many years ago I got this information from a register place in Cumbria.

If you google John Tyson and Dinah Miller Netherwasdale you will find alot of information on the internet by a person in England who is descended from them. He has traced the tree back really far.

It would be good to exchange information, so if you want to contact me leave a message on the forum or contact me at e-mail address





Fiona M wrote (09/10/2014 20:05:14):

My Great, Great Grandfather William Tyson was born in Adtur, 1864. I am trying to find out the reason why his father James Tyson moved to Appin from Cumbria.

James Tyson was a stonemason and I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of if there was specific masonry work happening around that time that would entice a young man to move north to Appin?

The 1881 census lists William Tyson as living with his Aunt, Margaret McKechnie, in Airds Lodge, does anyone have any information about Airds Lodge?